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We understand you need fast service when your garage door doesn’t work and we specialize in garage door opener installation. It’s usually when you’re having a busy morning and running late for work and when you press the garage door button nothing happens. A broken garage door opener can inconvenience the entire family and can also be a safety consideration.

That’s where we come in! At Mt Pleasant Garage Doors, we can repair your garage door opener often in the same day. And at a very affordable price. If your garage door opener has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced, we’ll let you know and help you to schedule a garage door opener installation.

Why is My Garage Door Opener Not Working?

If you’ve already checked your remote’s batteries and checked the track for obstacles, you may become confused as to why your garage door opener is broken.

The most common reasons for a garage door opener to stop working are:

  • Your tension/expansion springs or cables are broken
  • Your remote or wall button are not receiving the electrical signal
  • A recent thunderstorm led to a power surge that overwhelmed your garage door opener
  • Your garage door opener reached the end of its lifespan

Fortunately, Mt Pleasant Garage Doors can help with any of these issues!

Is It Time for a Garage Door Opener Installation?

Typically, a garage door opener can last for 10-15 years, but sometimes, due to overuse, power/electrical surges to your garage door opener will require you to install a new garage door opener opener. We can help with fast, friendly, reliable and affordable service! Our team at Mt Pleasant Garage Doors can help!

We offer a variety of garage door openers for installation that can suit your family’s lifestyle and budget. These include quiet belt drives, WIFI specialty openers, chain drive and screw-drive models.

At Mt Pleasant Garage Doors, we install and service just about all major brands of garage door openers, including Genie, Liftmaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain.

There are basically three types of cable drums for residential garage doors. The cable drums correspond to different types of garage doors: standard-lift, vertical-lift, and high-lift. Each cable drum is manufactured to help the garage door remain balanced as it opens and closes with the help of the torsion springs.

Standard-lift cable drums are flat for the most part. Toward the outside of the door, the last 3/4 of a turn or so on the grooves of the cable drum is slightly raised. This helps keep the garage door balanced as it begins to open. Standard-lift cable drums are the most used in residential garage doors in the Mt Pleasant, SC area.

Vertical-lift cable drums are taller than standard-lift drums. When the garage door is closed, the cable is farther from the shaft. As the door opens, the cable wraps up on the drum and comes closer to the shaft

High-lift cable drums have both a flat portion like the standard-lift drums and a raised portion like the vertical-lift drums. The cable runs on the raised portion while the garage door opens vertically then switches over to the flat portion when the door begins to run on the horizontal track

You have several options when selecting a new garage door opener:

Belt Drive Openers use a rubber belt to guide the trolley around the track opening and closing the garage door. They are very reliable and incredibly quiet. An ideal choice for attached garages where noise is an issue. We install all types of garage door openers, but most homeowners prefer a quieter belt drive opener more than the rest.

Chain Drive Openers are the most common garage door opener and operate similar to belt drives but with a chain that pulls and pushes the trolley. Because there is a metal chain moving along a track to open and close the garage door, it can cause these doors to be noisier than a belt driven garage door opener. However, they can often be more affordable in price. However, if your garage is near a work-from-home office or a bedroom, you may consider opting for a belt-drive model.

Screw Drive Openers are another excellent option for garage doors openers. They have the least moving pieces and can often be the more reliable choice. The motor rotates a threaded steel rod which moves the trolley along the track allowing for a simple and reliable function. Traditionally, the screw-drive openers were considered the loudest choice, but recent improvements have quieted the drive.

Give us a call today to discuss and schedule a garage door opener repair or installation.

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